Quick update on Halogen

Hello everyone! I’ve been quiet for a while now on progress, and unfortunately this is because of a large increase in my workload both for school and work. I have been working on Halogen where I can, mostly on small tasks like commenting and cleaning up the code, but I have not added anything major since the last post.

I do not intend to stop developing Halogen! I actually have two posts in the pipeline that I need to finish writing and editing, one is about file and asset handling in Halogen, and the other is a more abstract article about modern rendering architectures and the features I intend to support for Halogen’s renderer. I hope to have some new code for the blog soon, and it’s looking like the workload should lighten in the coming weeks.

The roadmap hasn’t changed much since the last post, but to detail where my thoughts and research are right now:

  • Proper file and asset handling, from OS-level file management to abstracted assets and asset packs
  • Render architecture, from what data to package for draw calls, to the exact step-by-step process each frame
  • Restructuring app entry and game logic hooks for better performance – reduce virtual function calls in critical code paths

That’s primarily where my interests are at the moment, with the largest portion of my time spent focusing on asset handling for now. I hope to have new code to show and new concepts to explain very soon.

I mentioned I might rarely talk about life and travels, so here’s the first of those: I’ll be traveling to Denver in a few weeks for a Novo Amor concert! Being among my favorite artists, this will be a rather fun trip, and should provide me with a nice getaway to gather my thoughts and write better code when I come back. That’s how vacations work, right?

Thanks for reading!


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