Hello friends, I am here.

Hello reader, my name is Brendan. I’m a self-taught programmer, soon to be attending college for computer science. I have a passion for game development; this year, I was lucky to attend my first GDC. As such, a large amount of this blog will pertain to game programming and development.


This blog is mainly going to be an outlet for my thoughts as I develop a game engine from scratch, called Halogen. The engine is written in C++, so the vast majority of the blog will be C++ related. I have been asked on more than one occasion why I’ve chosen to build my own engine, rather than use one of the many existing engines out there. My response is always that it’s less about using an engine for me, and more about understanding how it works. Being able to architect and build the entire engine is a fascinating challenge to me, and I hope that it proves an interesting read as I progress. I may infrequently blog about travels, gaming, or life in general, but I do intend for the majority of the posts here to pertain to my work and progress on Halogen.


So, in short, welcome to my blog where I make yet another C++ game engine. My first relevant post will come soon, where I will talk about the core game loop architecture of Halogen. I hope you enjoy!


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